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Armenian Tobacco Company was founded in 2017. Striving to occupy the Armenian and international markets, we produce high-quality and appealing tobacco products. More than $15,000,000 was invested in the company, and the production has been supplemented with advanced production lines of leading European manufacturers.

Despite the health risks, tobacco continues to be consumed by millions of people. We believe that our modern equipment, high-quality raw materials, and professional approach will be appreciated by consumers.
20% of the company's products will be consumed in Armenia, and 80% will be exported to the EAEU and other countries.

The maximum production capacity of the company will provide more than 200 jobs. The Armenian Tobacco Company is guided by high standards of corporate governance and value the role of our professional team in all business processes.

The company has created the best, favorable and safe working conditions for its employees - competitive salaries, professional growth, development, etc.


Our team

The Armenian Tobacco Company emphasizes the engagement and dedication of each member of the professional team, and dedicated daily work makes the products even more perfect.
Our employees have been involved in a united team from the very first day and are trained according to special programs of international and local partners.
Experienced specialists from abroad are also ready to share their experience and knowledge of many years with our employees.